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UWA Fitness Center

 When we think about education, we think of the classroom. Of course. But a healthy body is every bit as important to anyone reaching his or her full potential. The UWA Fitness Center has everything you need, from free weights to fitness classes, to strengthen your body. 






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Overall Results

Name Age Bracket Category Time
Valeria Arevalo 18-24 Women's 00:29:14
Byron Thetford 25-34 Men's 00:33:46
Shonna Tatum 55-64 Women's 00:37:35
Will Atkinson 35-44 Men's 00:37:36
Jennifer Clark 35-44 Women's 00:38:34
Angie Hester 55-64 Women's 00:41:18
Emily Newsome 18-24 Women's 00:41:23
Ingrid Galinat 45-54 Women's 00:42:18
Neely Atkinson 17 & Under Women's 00:47:15
April Atkinson 35-44 Women's 00:50:56
Kathryn Prine 25-34 Women's 01:02:00
Dajarrah Navarro 18-24 Women's 01:13:00
Nathan Tucker 18-24 Men's 01:13:20