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Exchange Student Process

Things you need:

Letter of Nomination: Please have your home institution send a letter of nomination to Dr. Mark Davis ( The letter should contain your full name, the name of your home institution, the name of the individual nominating you, what you plan to study, and how long you plan to study at UWA ( one semester or one academic year). 

Unofficial Transcripts: Please send unofficial transcripts of course work from your home institution.  

Application:   You can fill out an application here.

English Proficiency Test Score (if applicable):  We accept seven different types of international recognized standardized tests for English proficiency: TOEFL, IELTS, TOEIC*, Cambridge,  GTEC-CBT (Japan), PTE and ISE. Official test reports need to be mailed to UWA. *TOEIC is only available under prearranged agreements.  Please click here for our English Proficiency Policies: English Proficiency Policies.    Check the policies to see if you may waive from this requirement.

Copy of Passport: The passport must be valid with an expiration date of no less than 6 months from the start date of the term. We accept an uploaded PDF copy.

Bank Statements: The estimated total expense for the the current school year is may be found here: Estimated Costs. We require recent bank statements (issued within 6 months prior to enrollment) to verify the financial support of the applicant. We accept uploaded PDF copies.

UWA Financial Aid Statement Form: Download the UWA Financial Statement Form. It must be completed by your sponsor, indicating his/her willingness to finance your education. We accept an uploaded PDF copy.

UWA Medical History and Immunization Form:  Please complete the medical history and immunization form.

All students must submit completed Immunization/Tuberculosis forms and supporting documentation when applying. If a student has not fulfilled the requirements, this could hinder their acceptance. Students will not be allowed to start classes without the appropriate documentation on file.  These are general guidelines to be interpreted by the staff and subject to change based on the medical needs of the University.

Application Document Submission Deadlines

Fall Semester: Nominations by April 19.  Complete Applications by July 1.

Spring Semester: Nominations by October 15.  Complete Applications by November 30.

Summer Semester: Nominations by January 31.  Complete Applications by March 31.

Email your scanned documents (English Proficiency Score, Copy of Passport, Bank Statements, and UWA Financial Aid Statement Form) to:

Meng Xu
The University of West Alabama
Admission and Enrollment Managements
Brock Hall 108, Station 4
Livingston, AL 35470
Office: 205-652-3879