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College of Natural Science and Mathematics

The realm of science is everything possible in the universe.

Dr. E.O. Wilson

Science as a way of thinking

The universe is a mystery, a vast, sweeping, unending stream of questions. It is to the scientists and the mathematicians to pursue the answers. At UWA, we'll help you join the inquiry. We'll complement your passion for knowledge with the skills and experiences you need to pursue your love of science and math to the limits.

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College is what you make of it

For one student, hard work has opened a world of opportunities

Whether she's researching the antibiotic properties of common spices or studying abroad in Australia, Jade Montgomery is finding a wealth of opportunities that go well beyond our Livingston campus.

Life is the subject of our study

Welcome to the Department of Biological and Environmental Sciences

Biology. Cell and Molecular Biology. Conservation and Field Biology. Marine Biology. In these and other programs in the Department of Biological and Environmental Sciences, we explore the basic science of life. The opportunities you'll find here are both rich and varied.

Explore the language of the universe

The Department of Mathematics

Whatever your career ambitions, a degree in mathematics can open countless avenues of opportunity. We offer degrees in mathematics, in actuarial science, even a certification for those who want to teach. 

Why study chemistry?

Welcome to the Department of Physical Sciences

Maybe you eye a career in medical research, or possibly a career as a pharmacist or even medical school. A degree in Chemistry can lead to a wide variety of career choices.

On health sciences and human performance.

Welcome to the School of Health Sciences and Human PerformanceIn the School of Health and Human Performance, you can study Athletic Training, Exercise Science, Health Sciences, Physical Education, even Sport Management. Just as great athletes push themselves to the limits of human performance, we push to expand your knowledge in the health sciences and areas of human performance.

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