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Campus School Rates

  • $450 per month for infants and children ages 6 weeks – 2.5 years and pre-potty trained;

  • $350 per month for children 2.5 years and potty trained - 3/4 Combo class

Tuition is due on the 10th of each month. A $25 service fee will be assessed after the 10th. Failure to pay fees in a timely manner may result in termination of services at UWA Campus School.

A discount of 10% is given to parents of multiple enrollees. Regardless of the service plan, payment for service is prearranged and paid in advance each month. This payment ensures that a child’s slot is available on the needed dates but does not carry over if unused.

Up to 10 unexpected non-medical emergency drop-off care are allowed per school year if space is available and all applicable enrollment requirements have been met. Drop off fee is $30 a day and due at the time of service. Parent or guardian must give 48 hours notice.

A full month’s tuition will be due each month August through May to hold your child’s spot. A full month’s tuition will be due in June and/or July for the Summer Program to hold your child’s spot.

If you have a returned check, there will be a late fee along with a returned check fee added to the account.

Refunds are not given for tuition or lunch.

For credit card payments, please use the credit card payment form.