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Department of Business Administration, management and marketing

Department of Business Administration, Management and Marketing

The Department of Business Administration, Management and Marketing, which offers majors in Business Administration (with a choice of emphasis), Management and Marketing. The Business Administration, Management and Marketing majors are available either online or on campus. Minors in Business Administration, Management, and Marketing are available to students in other colleges within the university. 

Recently, the Department in conjunction with the College of Liberal Arts implemented a new interdisciplinary major in Integrated Marketing Communication. This major includes both marketing and journalism courses. 

The majors offered by the Department prepare future business leaders for career success in a global economy. Regardless of the majors, the Department provides all COBT students with a series of required professional development seminars that focus on soft skills development. 

The entire College exhibits a commitment to ethical behavior in a diverse world. Almost every class includes an ethics component; this emphasis, along with the outreach opportunities and service learning, help graduates become responsible and work-ready graduates.

Attending the University of West Alabama gives students the opportunity to obtain a quality education through personalized teaching and advising. Our faculty are well qualified in a variety of academic disciplines. The faculty/student ratio promotes individual attention and recognition that are essential in developing career-ready graduates.


Aliquippa Allen
Aliquippa Allen
Wallace Hall 211
(205) 652-3471


Karen Braxton
Karen Braxton
Wallace Hall 207D
(205) 652-3657


Linda Carr
Linda Carr, Chair
Wallace Hall 207B
(205) 652-3476


Janie Gregg
Janie Gregg 
Wallace Hall 206B
(205) 652-3716  


Russ Henley
Russ Henley 
Wallace Hall 109G
(205) 652-3541


Brie Winkles
Brie Winkles
Wallace Hall 207C
(205) 652-3420