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Current Employment Opportunities


Faculty - Full Time Posted
Computer Information Systems (tenure-track, open rank) 10.25.2019
Library Media (full-time online, non-tenure) 12.04.2018
Senior Lecturer, Counseling (online, non-tenure track) 06.19.2019
Athletic Trainer/Instructor or Assistant Professor 10.01.2019
Assistant Professor of Biology (tenure-track) 10.02.2019
Physics (tenure-track, open rank) 10.02.2019
Engineering Technology Instructor 10.04.2019
Engineering Technology (tenure-track, open rank) 10.04.2019
Faculty - Campus School Posted
Faculty - Adjunct  Posted
Biology/Environmental Sciences  05.22.2015
Business Instructors (multiple disciplines) 09.22.2015
English 04.19.2019
Spanish 04.19.2019
Counseling (Online) 02.20.2018
Administration  Posted
Professional Staff  Posted
STEM Education Institute Coordinator (part-time position) 05.29.2019
Software Analyst 08.23.2019
Executive Director of International Programs 09.06.2019
Employer Relations Specialist 11.05.2019
Support Staff  Posted
Graduate Teaching Assistants (Biological and Environmental Sciences) 07.20.2016
University Police Officer 11.07.2018
INSPIRE Graduate Research Assistant 05.29.2019
Police Department Secretary/Clery Clerk 09.03.2019
Grounds Keeper  09.27.2019
Athletic Training Administrative Assistant (Part-time) 11.01.2019
Coaching Staff Posted